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Tandoori Oven for Tandoor Cooking

December 9, 2019
Banquet Kitchen Tandoor

Today all famous restaurants are recreating the most famous Indian tandoori dish, the traditional tandoori chicken without using the traditional ovens that is used in India. If you are wondering how is it even possible; then let us tell you, it is not impossible either.

Tandoori chicken which is a succulent meat dish is known for its unique texture and flavor. It is covered with smoky and bit charred Indian herb and spice mixture, is crispy and spicy from outer part and moist and tender from inside. The secret of this unique texture is tandoor cooking.

The traditional tandoor is a bell shaped pot in which marinated chicken is placed for cooking through skewers. The pot is heated by live fire or with burning coals which make the air inside the pot hot and cooks the food to perfection. These tandoors work best for outdoors cooking but the modern and most sophisticated restaurants create this very same dish in their indoors kitchens with the help of the modern gas tandoori ovens. These are the ovens that run on petroleum gas and are best for commercial purposes.

Best Features of Tandoor Oven

  • Time saver – These tandoors are designed for multipurpose usage and along with tandoori dishes many other dishes can be prepared at one time. These modern gas ovens save time. As these ovens come with many shelves and compartments along with skewers one can cook a number of dishes at one time.
  • Money saver – The body of these ovens is made of heavy metal which makes it tough and long lasting. It demands very less maintenance and that is why these ovens save money as well.
  • Safer – In traditional ovens the live fire is made to heat the pot which is not the same with modern gas oven tandoors. These are safer for indoor usage where many cooks are working at one small place.
  • Traditional ovens need too much attention – User has to keep on heating the coals or keep on putting the wood in fire to maintain the temperature while the modern ovens come with thermostats. With thermostat and specially designed body these ovens are easy to use and easy to clean as well.

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