Mild Steel Drum Tandoor

A clay pot is fitted in a Mild Steel /Stainless Steel Tandoor Barrel of 18 s.w.g in a plain design with 3 Stainless Steel Tandoor Straps tied round its top, centre and bottom for reinforcement along with a provision of ash outlet.4 Handles (collapsible type) are provided lifting, pushing and pulling. assembly.

The pot inside the barrel is duly insulated with thermal insulations, glass wool, rock salt and ceramic powers, instant use type with 4 swivel castors at the bottom to make it mobile.

The top surface is given a fine finish of portland cement.

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THE MOST COMMONLY USED Mild Steel Round Tandoor with Cemented Top DESCRIPTIONS

Width Length Mouth/Inner Dia Height with Wheel Height without wheel Weight (Approx)
28" 28" 14" 37" 32" 210kg
30" 30" 14" 37" 32" 260kg
32" 32" 15" 37" 32" 285kg
34" 34" 15" 37" 32" 295kg
36" 36" 16" 37" 32" 340kg