Copper Pizza Oven

At Kanhaiyalal Tanoor Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading copper pizza oven manufacturers, it has always been our philosophy to give the best to our clients. That is why we have invested out expertise from many years into crafting the most efficient, durable and beautiful copper pizza ovens. Being the most sought-after suppliers of these pizza ovens, we have bought an amalgamation of ancient baking techniques with modern technology that is truly reflected in our products.

Why copper ovens?

These copper ovens help to boost up the cooking process and make the pizza bake faster, while enhancing the rich aroma and taste to give the authentic Italian flavour to it. What are even better about our ovens is that they help to preserve the nutrients of the ingredients and impart full benefits to you.

Our copper pizza ovens are affordable and are aligned with the international standards of safety and security. We are also the exporters of these products and you can reach out to us to know more about them!


Model Width Length Mouth Dia Height Weight
32" 32" 25" x 17" 60" 18" 150kg
34" 36" 25" x 34" 60" 18" 200kg
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