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What is Tandoor and How Tandoor Oven works?

August 13, 2019
Banquet Kitchen Tandoor

Kanhaiyalal Tandoor Pvt. Ltd. are crafted by artisans that are committed to both quality and beauty. Each Tandoor Oven is individually hand crafted and strict quality control checks are made at each stage of manufacture.

What is a Tandoor Oven?

• A Tandoor Oven is a traditional Indian earthenware cooking pot made from clay
• It is cylindrical in shape and uses Firewood or Charcoal for fuel
• It reaches temperatures in excess of 400 C

How does the Tandoor Oven work?

Cooking in a Tandoor Oven is similar to using a BBQ. However, there are some fundamental key differences that make Tandoor cooked food taste very different indeed:

• The combination of spices, high temperature (400C), metal skewers and Clay give the food a unique flavour. One that cannot be replicated by using a conventional grill, household oven or BBQ
• Food cooked in a Tandoor is cooked from both the outside, from the heat of the Clay pot, and, more importantly, from the inside via the radiant heat of the metal skewers
• The extreme temperatures of our Tandoor Oven, and the fact it is cooked from the inside at the same time, means food is ready much quicker than other methods of cooking. Meat is typically ready in less than half the time of other cooking methods

Benefits of Tandoor Cooking:

• Unique tasting food
• Oil free cooking
• Meat is sealed very quickly ensuring all the flavour is locked in
• Radiant heat transfer ensures no Vitamins or Minerals are lost during the cooking process
• Chicken, Meat and Vegetable Kebabs ready in around 12-minutes
• Whole Chicken in around 30-minutes
• Whole leg of Lamb ready in under 1-hour
• Practically zero maintenance

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