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How to prepare chicken tandoori oven at home?

March 20, 2019
Stainless Steel Round Tandoor with Wheel

You will need chicken drum sticks, spices like salt, turmeric, red chilli powder, fenugreek, garam masala, curd, lemon, garlic paste and a little bit of oil. This dish can be cooked in gas or electric oven also but if you want the taste of the dish just like the way you have tasted in restaurant, cook it in clay oven Tandoor.

Make few deep cuts on washed and wiped chicken drum sticks and smear a mixture of salt, red chilli, turmeric and lemon all over it. Now leave it aside for five minutes. This mixture will break the protein in meat and will make it tender. Now make a mixture for marinating with curd, dried fenugreek, garlic paste, salt, turmeric and garam masala. Cover the drumsticks that are tender enough now with this mixture, put it into the fridge and let it set for six hours. Now we need to preheat our clay oven.

Cooking it to crisply feel

Clay oven Tandoor as the name suggests is a pot like structure made of clay. In some of the ovens outer layer is made of cement for insulation purpose. To preheat the oven fire is made at the bottom of the pot and we let the temperature rise to some point and then the fire is died down so that temperature remains constant for cooking.

Now take out the marinated chicken drumsticks and apply a coat of oil and red chilly mixture all over it. Arrange the chicken drum sticks on skewers at a little distance with each other and put them into oven for twenty minutes. You will start getting aroma of spiced and cooked chicken till now. Now take out the skewers with chicken and once again apply a light coat of oil and chilly mixture and leave it into tandoor for ten minutes. The chicken will get few spots of charring and it will be perfectly cooked inside. Now it is ready to be served with onion rings, chutney and curd raita.

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